One of the primary challenges in a Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (T.L.I.F.) is the difficulty of inserting an appropriately sized implant through a small opening and then maneuvering the implant to a biomechanically stable position. Other T.L.I.F. systems typically require wide resections of bone to accommodate the range of motion needed to position the implant in the proper orientation, if possible at all. This can lead to additional surgical time, increased blood loss, and a higher risk of neurologic damage. Manufactured from PEEK, the M.I.S. compatible True Position™ Pivoting Spacer System is designed to overcome these challenges.

The True Position™ System solves these problems by positioning the implant independently from the angle of insertion and eliminating the need for tamping. This allows the surgeon to choose the most accommodating insertion point and position the implant accurately, thus reducing surgical time, blood loss and the risk of neurologic damage.

For biomechanical stability and restoration of lordosis, it is important for T.L.I.F. spacers to be positioned midline in the coronal plane and anterior in the disc space. Proper spacer positioning is often difficult to achieve without over distracting the vertebral bodies due to the lumbar loads. Rear pivoting spacers frequently can not generate the necessary torque to overcome the lumbar loads. True Position’s proprietary center pivot, or fulcrum point, effectively doubles the mechanical advantage when compared to similar spacers with a rear pivot or fulcrum point.

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