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The Apelo Pedicle Screw System is a novel modular screw and connector system highlighted by interchangeable poly-axial heads for intra-operative versatility and advanced design features engineered to maximize screw purchase, construct integrity, and simplicity of final assembly. 


  • Modular insertion allows for unobstructed graft site preparation and graft placement.

  • Screw features tapered minor diameter and tapered thread crest for bone compaction and increased purchase.

  • Screw head flange provides a positive depth stop and increased resistance to lateral loads.

  • Unique pilot tip gives surgeons a secure, positive initial location in the pilot hole when prying against soft tissue to gain the correct screw trajectory.

  • Modular heads can easily be changed without disturbing the screw purchase for increased intraoperative versatility.

  • The integrated outer band of the locking collar is designed to prevent head splay and cross threading. 

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