The HiJAK AC Spacer System, the FIRST expandable cervical interbody with ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT and LORDOSIS, was designed for the surgeon who recognizes the importance of lordotic restoration and sagittal balance of the cervical spine.



Clinical studies have shown significant short and long term benefits to restoring sagittal balance to the cervical spine. Adjacent level disc disease and other co-morbidities have been attributed to a lack of proper sagittal balance postoperatively.  


*Data on file

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product overview

Small 4.5mm starting height

2.5mm of continuous anterior expansion


1.25 mm of posterior expansion allowing for indirect decompression

Anatomic contour on cephalad endplate

Up to 20 degrees of lordotic correction

HiJAK Cervical_8mm_TOP View.png

Small and large footprint options

Unobstructed graft chamber

Post expansion graft-packing capability

Nano and mirco surface technology utilizing a proprietary subtractive process with decades of proven clinical history. 

*Data on file 004-VV-061

Height & Lordotic range

footprint & graft


subtractive surface

Color Enhanced 3D Map at 5000 X Magnification


With Hyper-Lordotic options up to 20 degrees, HiJAK AC's expandable capability allows surgeons the opportunity to:


  • Adjust its lordotic angle to each patients' specific needs.

  • Incrementally adjust each level to "dial in" overall global balance.

  • Require less cortical endplate removal for implant fit.

  • Reduce the impaction force required to seat the cage. 

  • Rely less on distraction pins for implantation of higher lordotic angles.


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 Hover to see correction