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The Apelo MIS Pedicle Screw System leverages all of the advantages of its clinically proven predecessor, Apelo. The system's modular design provides a versatile, seamless approach to addressing both percutaneous and mini-open procedures.  


  • The patent-pending Guidewire Handle provides complete control over wires while minimizing the need for fluoroscopy.

  • Innovative titanium poly-axial heads can flex open to retract tissue, improve visualization, and widen the target for rod passage, further reducing fluoroscopy and operative time.

  • Only 12.5 mm in diameter, the heads minimize the skin incision while maintaining the strength to provide 25 mm of threaded reduction without the fiddle of additional instrumentation.

  • Proprietary Extended Saddle Heads bring the saddle of the head to the rod eliminating the need to bend rods, leave screws proud or risk screw pullout.

  • Retractor/distractor securely attaches to the modular screws ensuring maximum visibility with minimal exposure.

  • The novel Secure Rod eliminates "sliding" during placement.  

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